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 During the week.

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Member (Top 10 forum poster)

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PostSubject: During the week.   Thu Sep 25, 2008 2:53 pm

This week has been quite a busy one, besides i dint have anything else to do so i studied. its a breakthrough. Recently i have not been playing games on the computer due to the exam period and i realise that i did not really need computer games to live. during this week, God has helped me to concentrate on studying and not wonder off to play computer games. Also, my quiet time has not been so regular and yesterday i just did it. It was about how Paul went to a town and then, a woman with a spirit in her which could fortell the future was proclaiming how he was a man of God and all that stuff. He was put in jail by the authorities awhile after that. They were tortured by the guards and were left injured. Their wounds were still fresh but no one bothered. Then, a guard walked up beside their cell and asked them how he could be saved. He accepted Christ and also asked Paul to reach out to his family. At one time, he and his family were saved and baptised. This really inspired me as even through such a circumstance, Paul was able to bring a whole family to salvation. As God has said : If one is saved, the entire household is saved. Then when God spoke to me, he told me that one of my close friends was troubled and asked me to call her to see whether she's okay. I did not take this seriously as i did not hear God's voice for a very long time. Then after 15mins, she SMSed me and told me that she had troubles socially. I spoke to her and understood her problem and tried to help her solve it. I now see how God can talk to us to help others and even give someone encouragement if they are going through a tough time and even if they have exams or something like that, we should always encourage people even under normal circumstances. During the period of the examinations, encourage at least 2 PEOPLE about their studies and such.
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Discipler (Counselors)
Discipler (Counselors)

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PostSubject: Re: During the week.   Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:35 pm

I am encouraged. Yep, sometimes we will just reply to God 'huh?' when He said something that we don't think we should do. Well... really hope to see that more and more will just come to know Christ through us.

Just do your best for your exams, God does not need you to give Him perfect offerings, He just need your best offering. Just as the Book of Leviticus described the 'level of offerings', for the poor, an offering of flour is enough already instead of a lamb.
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Samuel N.

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PostSubject: What God did for me this week. 11 October 2008 - 18 October 2008   Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:41 am

See, yesterday, on Friday, 17 October 2008, I went down to the bus stop at about 7:30+ am. I thought I was going to be late for school. I prayed and ask God that I would reach school on time. There wasn't any answer. Then I looked at my mobile phone, and it was 7:38am. I waited two minutes, then I asked God, what time will my bus come? He said it will come in 5 minutes. Then I replied, 'What, five minutes? thats too long!' He replied back, 'You want me to make it longer?' Of course I didn't want and I listened. Then I saw a bus turn in. I think its 173, and indeed it was. It reached the bus stop and picked up the passengers, including me and the bus left exactly at 7:43am. Of course I was still late for school, but unlike school, I don't get punished. Well, I guess there was a lesson to be learnt on punctuality, as after class, the lecturer told us that if we were not in class 15 minutes after the class started, he would lock us out. So maybe God wanted me to learn about complacency. If I actually reached school on time, I might actually think that 7:30am is a suitable time to leave house, and from past experiences, leaving the house only gets later, not earlier.


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PostSubject: Re: During the week.   

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During the week.
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