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Member (Top 10 forum poster)

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PostSubject: INTENTIONS   Fri Oct 10, 2008 11:06 pm

yes, this time, intentions matter... i have been inviting people, and most of them rejected me. sometimes also, my intentions are not true. and someone has pointed that out. and i really want to thank that guy. and also, i wanna talk about intentions! Sometimes, we invite people cos we wanna increase in numbers, we see a pretty we invite, or that guy, or whatever.
i am sure that we have done that before and i hope that our intentions will be true when we invite someone. we want them to be saved. we want them to see salvation. sometimes things like rejection might bring us down. God did not mention that your friends will not reject you. But when we invite people, please figure out your true intentions of inviting this person to church. and pray about it. yeah, thats all

Sorry for this, I just edited some spelling errors
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Discipler (Counselors)

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PostSubject: Re: INTENTIONS   Mon Oct 13, 2008 12:24 am

Just a question to maybe improve your post a bit.

1. How do you make sure you invite non-believers with the right motives?
2. You talked about having a right intention, is there any examples of actions of what you do which are considered to having the right intention and wrong intention? (Intentions motivates your actions)
3. Any bible verses you can quote in supporting that we need to have right intentions?
4. What things do we need to pray specifically?

Overall, I am quite encouraged that you tell us about the intentions of inviting others because this problem is creeping into the lives of Christians who think that the bigger their cell group is, they would win their imagined 'Which cell group is best' contest.
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