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Samuel N.
Samuel N.

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PostSubject: Important!   Sun Sep 14, 2008 1:18 pm

Other than the rules and regulations, I need to inform you that when creating an account, please do not put some unknown name and no description of who you are, for instance, lets say Guy A creates an account

Username of Guy A: MapleFreak
Password: *******************

But in his profile: blank

You may get banned.

Please Note: If you do not write in your profile, anything to indicate that you are from Kabod, like your email, or preferably your name, you may get banned, if you do not do this or clarify with the admin, who you are.

Additionally, if you are in a small group and you go to other small groups to type rubbish, the moderators will delete your post. For instance, you are from Alex's small group, but you go to Weiyan's small group to type rubbish, we will monitor and delete accordingly.


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